What are some key documents to guide our Technology Use in Schools?

The following series of documents were produced by Curriculum Corporation on behalf of the Ministerial Council for Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (now known as the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs)

2005 Learning in an Online World - Contemporary Learning

2005 Learning in an Online World - Pedagogy Strategy

2008 Learning in an Online World - Learning Spaces Framework

eLearning and ICT


  • provides tutorials for the range of software that can be accessed and used to support learning if you are a teacher in a government school. It provides schools with standardised models, patterns, management practice and tools in order to deliver an effective mix of educational software and tools to enable teachers and students to access and embrace the Ultranet. There are currently over 80 software applications available. The broad range of applications cover:
    • animation, digital video, image creation, drawing and painting
    • thinking skills, concept and Mind Mapping
    • interactive curricular resources
    • logic and problem-solving, 3D modelling and game-making
    • presentation, multimedia tools, writing tools, web authoring tools and typing tutors
    • sound and music making
  • eduSTAR promotional video on FUSE
  • eduSTAR – ICT showcases – provides details about the software, school examples etc.

Find, Use and Share quality Education (FUSE)
  • FUSE is a portal, a repository, a search engine, a workspace and a way of sharing quality education digital content and resources. It is open to the public and provides a range of digital resources for teachers.

Thanks to Wendy and Leanne who shared some of the rich resources available through DEECD. (Leanne Compton and Wendy Macpherson Senior Project Officers - Ultranet and Digital Learning)

The initial resource they referred us to was the Digital Practice Showcase which brings together a range of software options and learning ideas.

In particular they showed us Global2 resources which had great projects for people to join.

Here are some of the other resources provided by Wendy and Leanne, including their PowerPoint presentation: an overview of the Ultranet.

Using iPads in the Classroom

Thanks to Ros in Program 8 for sharing these ideas:
iPad Teaching Resources (early primary)
I have recently observed some very powerful ways to integrate technology (specifically iPads) into early primary classrooms.
I thought I'd share a list of the most valuable apps.

- FriendsOfTen
- rEDWriting
- Starfall ABCs
- Trace
- Number Lines
- Pro Keys

- IntroToLetters
- Rhythm Pad
- Intro to Maths
- Read Me Stories
- LearnItalian
- Spelling Test
- Fun English

- Voice Recorder
- Book Creator
- Animalia
- Allign Four
- Loopy Tunes
- Sock Puppets
- Evernote
Kelli from EdP has also used:
cupcake, munch, pocketphonic , chicktionary, writing numbers , friends of ten & tiny tower