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JolLip2 May 24, 2012 6:05 pm
Hi again,

I have just received email from Intel Teach Elements:

"Intel Teach Elements now accredited in NSW and Victoria!
All three Intel Teach Elements courses have recently been accredited by the NSW Institute of Teachers and the Victorian Institute of Teachers (via Pdi registered providers). This now enables many teachers in these states to receive credit for professional development time once courses are completed.
DEECD teachers are advised to for further information."

For more information, or to order a FREE CD including all three courses, email

The CD includes the 3 courses listed below:

1. Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

Learn how, where and when to integrate collaborative, online tools into learning activities, deepening students' understanding of content and developing their 21st century skills.

2. Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms

Discover new assessment strategies that transform teaching practice and stimulate student learning.

3. Project-Based Approaches

Find out how to get the most educational value from projects and use technology to support and enhance project-based learning.


=Intel Teach Elements - Assessment in 21st Century Classroom=

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JolLip2 May 24, 2012 1:56 pm
Hi everyone :)

This is the link to MY PD I have promised to post in here:

Registration URL:

BUT (there is always a but ;) I had encountered some problems with obtaining the Certificate of Participation, so I sent an e-mail to Jillian Brown and this is her response:

"Hi Jolanta,
Below is a summary of the steps you will need to follow to register completion of the Intel course via the VIT pdi website.

1. Visit

2. Click on ‘My VIT’ on the top navigation menu.

3. Select ‘My PD’ on the left hand navigation.

4. Enter the program code, D7CAD562.

Please note, VIT are still in the midst of providing teachers access to the ‘My PD’ site. Some teachers won’t yet have access to the My VIT system. If you experience such issues, please contact VIT directly on: 1300 888 067.
Kind regards,
Jillian Brown

Jillian Brown | Senior Project Officer | Student Learning Outcomes Division | School Education Group
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development | Level 2, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

available Wednesdays"

I will have to call Jillian next Wednesday, because registered teachers need to wait for an email from the Institute to authorise MyVIT account.

PLEASE NOTE: you need to finish the course before 30/06/12.

I found the INTEL course very interesting and I think it could be useful for every teacher (especially for those, who are still in the Dark Ages, like me ;)


RebRos5 Sunday, 9:49 pm
Hi all, I was doing a scan of PDs the other day and came across some interesting ones offered by Heide Art Gallery in Buleen. Not just for art teachers! They seem to reflect some of the current teaching ideas we have been hearing about and also such things as VELS. Here's the link to have a look:

I would be interested to hear if anyone has done a workshop here.