Resources to support reluctant readers

Lots of tips on how to work with teenagers, particularly those who are reluctant readers some good video clips and links.There is also a link to an interesting debate about media literacy and working with new technology.This is an American site.

Resources to Support Literacy in the Early Years of Schooling

First Steps Writing Resource Book
These resource books address all the specific needs for teaching Literacy. They focus on the explicit teaching of different forms of written text, reading strategies and spoken language.
The Writing resource provides instructional procedures for teaching writing and understanding and learning about different forms of written text. The text includes models and ideas for the role of the student and the teacher. It provides examples and suggestions for writing and assessment. This is a very useful resource as it suggests pathways for designing units of work. There are specific examples of how to teach spelling and grammatical structures a part of a unit of work. There are explicit examples on how to teach different types of genres and the process of scaffolding.
This resource is currently being used in primary schools. The English learning objectives and many of the literacy tasks are taken directly from suggestions in the text.

Resources to Support Literacy in the Middle Years of Schooling

Resources to Support Discipline Specific Literacy Development


Bill Boyd - The Literacy Adviser - !00 Useful Websites for ICT and literacy