Some Additional Resources to Inspire you!

A methodology that promotes positive dialogue, creating identity and a capacity building approach-
Appreciative Inquiry and Narrative Inquiry.
Sue, Deb and Carly we chatted about this in the break Day 2

Making Meaning story 2008 Unit of work - MacKillop Regional College Werribee

Human Creativity - Sir Ken Robinson shares his view on creativity in the school context
20 minutes video from Ted Talks

Thinking Routines - Project Zero - Harvard University
Learning routines can be simple structures, such as reading from a text and answering the questions at the end of the chapter, or they may be designed to promote students' thinking, such as asking students what they know, what they want to know, and what they have learned as part of a unit of study

Legless Lizard - a link to the SparkL website is now available.

The Design Wiki used by the middle years teachers at Belmont HS can be accessed here (this will get you to the 'front door' where you will need to request access from Jane and Co):

The Evidence Inquiry Cycle, which we looked at towards the end of the Day 4 workshop, can be downloaded here in two forms - a 'close-up' version and a 'map' version that you can print or copy on to A3 paper and use to reflect/write on and plan.

You can find the 'Our Space' and 'Night Tiger' videos on the SparkL website.

Our Space documents the work of a group of Yr 7/8 students at Cranbourne SC who worked with a Business entrepreneur to transform their learning environment by applying the kinds of practices associated with business teams.

The Night Tiger video focuses on the development of multimodal story telling and literacy pathways with Yr 2/3 students at Albanvale PS.