Consolidating Curriculum - Effective Teaching - Assessment

The first two days are BIG! Don't put too much pressure on yourself to know it all - it takes years to get your head around the above BIg Three!

So - Small bites of the Elephant.

  1. Optional: If you found the introduction to VELS was all a bit new for you, read through pps 17- 21 of your folder. This provides you with a summary overview of what how VELS is constructed.
  2. Reading on Assessment - we will be going deeper into Assessment on Day 4. To prepare, read Ch 3: Assessment of Learning, for Learning, and as Learning which you will find in the grey section of your folder (last section). This is a good introduction. You will be invited to explore one more deeply during the Assessment Ideas Cafe.
  3. Reflection: What assessment practices are already in your repertoire? What would be new for you?
  4. Post 1: Go to Projects (second from top left on the Navigation bar). Find your TRC group and click on that to go to your group's home page. Then click on the Speech Bubbles to find the Discussion Threads. First post is a reflection on Days 1 and 2 which your learning leaders will have set up.
  5. Post 2: Find the Thread about Assessment.Post a response to the reading - how did it affect your views on assessment? We will discuss further on Day 4.
  6. Prepare for Site Based Learning: Refer to the Yellow section of your folder - you will find a few prompts for recording what you see during your site based learning days. Schools often send us some info to read so check for links on your Project Home Page - this is also where you will find the group's questions for the school.