There are two key documents in Victoria to guide teacher understanding of what is considered to be effective teaching.

Pedagogical Framework

The Victorian Principles for Learning and Teaching (PoLT) provide a pedagogical framework for effective teaching - they outline the kind of learning environments that teachers should strive to create for effective learning. Pedagogy can best be understood as 'how learners learn around here'.

DEECD has created extensive resources to help teachers understand the principles, reflect on their own practice and seek feedback from others in relation to their enactment of the principles:

DEECD PoLT Online Professional Learning Resource

Reflective Prompts

Read through the six principles. Choose one you would like to explore further. Read though the set of components for that Principle. Again, narrow your focus to one of the components that is of particular interest to you. Now view the Components Unpacked Section.

Task: In light of your exploration, what have you learned about this particular principle in action? If you were to strengthen the application of this principle in your practice, what are two actions you feel ready to take? (Post this response on the discussion page attached to this page).

Option: Below you will find a Self-Analysis and Reflection Tool - You might find it helpful to choose one of the Principles to focus on and build your understanding over time. This tool prompts you to make connections and reflect on the relationship between pedagogy and your actual teaching practices.

e5 Instructional Model
This model was developed to assist school leaders and teacher to develop a shared understanding of how teachers can improve their practice as well as to provide a focus for their professional learning and growth. The framework is designed to inform conversations about effective practice and to guide teacher reflection on their own practice. By clarifying what is considered to be effective practice, teachers can engage in professional inquiry to improve collectively and continuously.

DEECD has created an online resource to assist teachers to better understand the e5 Instructional Model

Printed versions of the e5 Instructional Model (the red book - $60) and e5 Journal ($25) can be ordered by printing off and posting PDF forms which are available here
  • e5 Instructional Model
  • e5 Teachers Journal

An Interactive version of the e5 Teacher Journal for iPad ($1.99) is available here:

DEECD is promoting the 'e5 teacher capabilities' (see p.13-4 of the red book) as an effective way to begin working with e5.

Reflective Prompts

Visit the section of the website on Leading Conversations about Effective Practice.
Highlight 3 questions that strike you as important to consider - share your responses to these on the Discussion Space attached to this page.

Below you will find an e5 Self-Audit Tool - Choose a domain you wish to evaluate.Then follow the suggestions listed under the heading: 'How to use this document' which is on the cover (bottom left corner).

Effective Teaching Cafe - e5 Resources as used in Workshop

Here are the guidelines used to support the Effective Teaching Cafe:

Here is the scaffold used - Significances, Connections and Implications:

Other Resources to Build Understanding of Effective Teaching and Learning

1. PEEL – Project for Enhancing Effective Learning
Teacher Researchers working with academics have documented a range of effective teaching and effective learning behaviours and frameworks

2. TEEP – Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement program
Provides a detailed breakdown of some important aspects of classroom practice that align with the Victorian recommendations.

3. The Journey To Excellence
A UK site to develop innovative practices and transformative change in Scottish education. Some excellent videos to support the development of understanding of effective curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices. Also strong materials on meta-cognitive practices

4. Edutopia
This is an extensive USA based site that strives to share innovative thinking, research and practice related to providing the best possible education for young people. There are numerous videos of excellence in classroom practice.

5. SparkL: Spark Learning and Literacy
Close to home, this site shares Learning Stories that are the result of a learning partnership between the EdPartnership team and disadvantaged school communities. You will find some inspirational stories from both secondary and primary classrooms as well as examples of high quality student work.

6. Teachers TV Australia
A national repository for examples of innovative classroom practice - teachers sharing what works with one another.

7. TES
An extensive repository of video resources for teachers

8. An enlightening film about contemporary learning - you will need about an hour to view Allan Luke's reflections about what it means to be an effective teacher in the 21st Century:
You could jot down your thoughts about:
-pedagogy (how learners learn around here)
-curriculum (what we should be offering for students to learn)
-assessment (how we can help students and teachers to monitor and progress learning)
How do these ideas connect with you and your future practice?
9. Analytical tool kit
coming soon...

Contribution to our Learning Community - Find one resource that you think is particularly powerful and interesting. Share a review - you can add your review by clicking the Discussion Tab for this page.