General Curriculum


Below is a link to the AusVels website that incorporates the Australian Curriculum within a framework that reflects particular Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning. In particular this page discusses time allocation ... an area we questioned on Day 6 about Physical Education allocation.

Stories of Learning:

This is a fantastic site with primary, middle years and senior secondary stories of learning that are the result of an international research project with teachers. Educators share their learning and practice shaped by the ideas of fostering students’ Intellectual Character, creating Cultures of Thinking, and Making Thinking Visible as core principles of education. These valuable windows into the classroom help to connect curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices towards achieving some of the most important Goals such as the Melbourne Declaration Goals for Young Australians.

Early Childhood Resource Reviews

Kids Matter - Mental Health and Well Being In Children
Kids Matter is a whole school program that looks at the mental health and well being of children. As the teacher on the video says "If a child is in a place of hurt of unresolved grief, how can we expect them to learn." It raises awareness of the the building of resilience in children. This website contains a number of links to Professional Development, events, research, resources and how to become involved.

Primary Curriculum Resource Reviews

This is useful link for those involved in performing arts for both primary/secondary:
VELS support documents for performing arts

Secondary Curriculum Resource Reviews - Yrs 7-10

The attachment below was our quick summary of some of the key points from the Australian Curriculum. (from Greg, Alison and Kathy)

See the Australian curriculum website for the detail

The attachment below is an example of a Unit Planner (for Year 8 Maths at Nazareth College) which shows some connection between VELS, VELS dimension, Progression points, Content and lesson plans.

Senior Secondary Curriculum Resource Reviews