Creating a learning community, where the behaviour of students enables their own and others' learning, is usually a significant aspiration for teachers. Classroom management is frequently cited as a major concern for teachers, particularly when beginning with a new cohort of learners or when coming back after some time out of the profession.

Some Resources

DEECD provides advice to school communities via a publication called Building Respectful and Safe Schools - this is a highly recommended publication for teachers returning to practice in Victorian Government schools.

The (union supported) Teacher Learning Network offers regular professional learning opportunities focusing on classroom managment.

TES has posted a number of video and print resources on classroom management and behaviour

In the Northern and Western Metro Regions the work of Prof Ramon Lewis has been influential. This work (Developmental Classroom Managment) is featurned on the AIZ (Achievement Improvement Zone) website - a range of resources are available here to support your professional learning.

Another influential approach to behaviour mangagement in use in Victorian Government schools is called 'Restorative Practices' - this link provides an overview of this approach. More resources are available via the RPforSchools site.

A range of resources and scaffolds are available via other state and government sites: the NSW Department of Education and Training website, the Northern Territory Department of Education and the Australian Government's Bullying.No Way! website.

Review of article TES Classroom Management
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This is a very useful review of an article dealing with classroom behaviours and classroom management posted by Bron.

Reflective Prompts
Find one or two recommendations/strategies you agree with and some that you don't. Post your views via the Discussion Tab on this page.