Returning to teaching in a DEECD school
What do you need to know?

All government jobs must be advertised on Recruitment Online.

Selection of applicants for an ongoing or fixed term position of more than six months is based on a set application, selection criteria, short-listing and interview process.

  • You must submit a written application which addresses the 5 or 6 set selection criteria. This criteria is developed by the school based on the Teaching Service Orders.
  • All applications are read by a school appointed panel. This panel usually consists of three people with a minimum of one in a leadership role.
  • Panels will usually short-list between four and six applicants. This will depend on the number and quality of applications.
  • Short listed applicants will be interviewed by the panel. The questions must relate to the selection criteria. The interview tends to run for about thirty minutes. There will usually be about 5-8 questions and some questions may involve scenarios.
  • Applicants can nominate up to three referees but the panel is able to seek unnominated referees.

Recruitment Online is the DEECD online recruitment program. Positions of more than six months are advertised on this sight.
Recruitment Online allows you to:

  • search and view advertised positions
  • submit your resume and job application,
  • and set up a job search agent which emails you positions that are pertinent to your qualifications and location.

Recruitment Online:

DEECD has provided the following advice on applying for positions in schools:

Vacant teaching positions are advertised to promote fair and open competition as well as provide the best opportunity to attract a wide field of applicants. To satisfy the requirements of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 all vacancies of more than six months must be advertised using the Department’s Recruitment Online system. The Recruitment Process – Finding a Job will take you to the DEECD employment page where you can seek more specifically for Jobs in Victorian Government Schools. Via this web page you can search for current vacancies, apply for a position or seek further help and support. You can click on this link to download an Applicant Help Manual (in PDF), which will provide you with very detailed and specific advice about how to apply for a DEECD teaching position.
Principals have the delegated authority and responsibility for managing recruitment as vacancies arise, within the context of a legislative framework. This means that each school manages the process for advertising vacancies, interviewing and hiring new teachers. More detailed information about this process and the legislative framework can be found here.
If you are interested in knowing more about the classification of teachers in Victorian Government schools, which acknowledges the different phases of a teacher's development and progression, as well as the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of such teachers more information can be found here
There are a range of agencies and recruiters that may help you to find work - some schools work exclusively through such agencies for CRTs - Casual or Relief Teachers. The following list is by way of example - we are not endorsing or recommending any of these agents, nor is the list intended as a comprehensive summary of what is available, rather it offers options for you to explore and consider in relation to your own needs:One that is recommended by teachers is: Teacher On the Net: has a lot of positions around Australia.

Examples of Key Selection CriteriaThe term 'demonstrated' in many of the Selection Criteria means there is a strong emphasis on practice - being able to provide illustrations from your previous experience, whether in teaching directly or in some other role, will add weight to your application.
SC1 Demonstrated understanding of initiatives in student learning including the Standards, the Principles of Learning and Teaching P-12 and Assessment and Reporting Advice and the capacity to implement curriculum programs consistent with their intent.

SC2 Demonstrated high level classroom teaching skills and the capacity to work with colleagues to continually improve teaching and learning.

SC3 Demonstrated ability to monitor and assess student learning data and to use this data to inform teaching for improved student learning.

SC4 Demonstrated high level written and verbal communication skills and high level interpersonal skills including a capacity to develop constructive relationships with students, parents and other staff.

SC5 Demonstrated commitment and capacity to actively contribute to a broad range of school activities and a commitment to ongoing professional learning to enable further development of skills, expertise and teaching capacity.

How to write an Educational Philosophy Statement - this is quite often the focus of at least one question at interview
Writing to CriteriaWriting to address the selection criteria is essential if you want to be short-listed as schools will use these criteria to rate and score the applicants, usually interviewing only those people that come out in the first six or so applicants. It is great to have a couple of 'readers' to review your application - team up with other TRC members to edit and hone your application, you will be helping each other.

Katrina Butcher, a Year4 teacher at Kangaroo Flat PS, one of our site-based learning schools for TRC10, has graciously provided two documents for everyone to engage with:
1. Her application for a position, identifying evidence for the selection criteria
2. Possible replies to Interview Questions




Curriculum V/ Resume
A possible outline for a CV/Resume:

Examples of Interview Questions - including a set of questions from Joanna Stanford at Derrimut Primary School and Jenny Jeffrey/Kerry Lee from Mt Clear PS. You could team up with a couple of colleagues from your TRC group and run mock interviews, a great way to get used to being interviewed.

The Ballarat Secondary College - Applying for a Position Scaffold

The document below was provided by Paul Rose the Principal at Ballarat Secondary College and offers an outstanding scaffold for both writing an application and preparing for an interview. Paul has done a brilliant job of unpacking and making the selection criteria explicit so that candidates know exactly what kind of practices and skills are prioritised under each criterion. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Personal Experiences

This story from Will, a member of TRC2, comes from direct experience:
WilLew2 Yesterday 3:42 pm
Hi guys. Some thoughts in follow-up to day 4 and questions regarding CVs'. I applied for a job at the end of term 1 for a term 2 start and called the school the day after I emailed my CV to confirm that they had received it and to show my interest; they had and I was informed that I would be notified within a week as to whether I had secured an interview. A week went by and term 2 commenced so no interview and until last week no response from the school to thank me for my application and inform me that I was not successful.........! Having been out of teaching for some time and also new to the Victorian teaching system, I decided to call the school and ask for feedback regarding my CV and application. I spoke to the Principal last week and she apologised that I had not been contacted earlier and was very happy to provide me with feedback.
A couple of points that I found very helpful.....
1. Ask if there is a teacher currently in the position advertised; in this case there was and the teacher applied for and retained the job.
2. Ask if you would be able to come and visit the school before applying.
3. Nail the 'Selection Criteria'; this is how the Principal said she identified candidates that would potentially get an interview giving each criteria a score of between 1 and 5.
4. Write up to 1 page for each question.
(I did'nt nail it and only wrote 2 to 3 paragraphs for each question - some good points but not sufficient detail)
5. Weave information from your CV into the 'Selection Criteria' questions.
6. Start with a general statement, restating the criteria, then give real examples and finish by restating the selection criteria again.
7. Obtain a copy of a CV and the 'Selection Criteria' of a successful job applicant.
8. Demonstrate your understanding of VELS.

The application process and follow-up call has been a great learning experience and very helpful in terms of preparing me for my next job application.
Cheers, Will

Thanks for your generosity Will, this is really, really helpful.Re point 4Our group (5) were also told to allow one page per SC. Yesterday I met a teacher in a school who's experience was different - she applied for over 30 jobs last year, initially using one page per SC and not getting one interview. She spoke with a friendly principal for advice and was told that SC1 really needs a page per area (POLT, VELS etc). She did this and started getting interviews. Of course it may not have been as simple as that, but it would be great to hear if others have been given similar or different advice.CheersCarol